MEET THE TEAM Petra Wildemann

Petra Wildemann

Petra Wildemann is the Chair and Founder of the Swiss Cyber Think Tank and manages the events, handles the agenda, storyline and speakers as well as the continuity of the topics, which deal with “Cyber Risk and Insurability” in a variety of layers.

A qualified actuary for Life Insurance and Property & Casualty Insurance in Switzerland (SAV), Germany (DAV) and UK (IFoA Affiliate). Petra brings more than 25 years of experience in actuarial, insurance, reinsurance, risk management, technology and risk transfer solutions. Petra is a member of the Australian Cyber Insurance Think Tank and has more than five years of experience in the cybersecurity industry.

Widely recognized for her expertise in Cyber Risks, Pandemic and Epidemic Risks and NatCat Risks in many regions and countries, Petra has successfully implemented modelling systems for epidemic/pandemic and for life insurance programs.

Currently Petra is working at Dorigo AG to serve the insurance, finance and risk markets as an executive and talent searcher to support businesses with talent in their industries. Prior to that, and still on-going, Petra is a Partner with Arocha & Associates as an industry expert and Actuary for a variety of topics in the insurance and Risk area. Over the course of this engagement, Petra has published White Papers on the concept of Pro-active Cyber Insurance Pricing Models and Cyber Insurance Incentive Models leveraging cyber risk control metrics in order to encourage insureds to improve their cyber security posture.

In her research collaboration with Denny Wan, a Cyber Security Risk Expert of the Security Express (Australia) and researcher at the Macquarie University, Petra brings balance back into enterprise cyber risk management by integrating quantification with well-understood actuarial disciplines. She also collaborates on actuarial topics with Fei Zhang, a strategist and Entrepreneur and Head of Blockchain at Allianz Group on Future Model of Insurance.

In previous engagements, Petra led the European business of Metabiota for Zoonotic and Human diseases and potential outbreaks of pandemic and epidemic risks. She was also a Managing Director for FTI Consulting, where she was Lead Actuary on an M&A engagement for a Japanese life insurer researching life insurance buy-ins in Europe and also the Lead Actuary for a review of the reserves for a UK P&C insurer. In addition, Petra was the Lead Actuary on a forensic investigation for life insurance policy under South Korean law. Her work in forensic science in Risk and Finance led Petra into the topics of Cyber Risk and Cyber Security. She has also had successful tenures at IBM, HP, Accenture and SunGard, where she led the Consulting and Actuarial teams.

Petra is a frequent event speaker at Cyber Insurance Forums, Risk!N, the SOA, IFoA and AAE, and has published articles on actuarial and technical topics such as cyber risk, cybersecurity and telematics as well as risks in other categories, such as epidemic and pandemic risks.

Petra was born in Germany and has lived and worked in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and a number of Asian countries. She is a dual German/Swiss citizen.

Carlos Arocha

Carlos Arocha has over 25 years’ experience in the life and general insurance and reinsurance industries. Carlos focuses on Enterprise Risk Management, Solvency II advisory services, Appointed Actuary consulting mandates, development and validation of internal risk models, reinsurance optimization programs and miscellaneous quantitative risk management projects. Since 2011, Carlos has been Managing Director for Arocha & Associates, a consulting firm in Zurich.

He is passionate about enhancing the potential of actuarial departments through knowledge transfer and the delivery of tools, modeling platforms and data management systems.

Carlos has worked in companies such as Swiss Re, Mercantile & General Re, Watson-Wyatt (now Towers Watson) and Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt), in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Switzerland.

He is co-founder of the Swift Academy Project, an initiative that delivers state-of-the-art training knowledge transfer solutions to global insurance markets, Secretary of the Leadership & Development Council of the Society of Actuaries, and Ambassador of the Society of Actuaries in Switzerland. Carlos is a mentor at the Integrated Projects Program, Master of Actuarial Science at Columbia University, New York, and he also teaches a distance learning course on risk management at Universidad Anahuac, Mexico City.

Carlos earned a BSc in Actuarial Science from Anahuac University, Mexico City, is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, and a Member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries.

Carlos was born in Mexico City and has lived and worked in Houston and Zurich. He is a dual Mexican/Swiss citizen.